How It works

Dial: 0844 4733160 & choose your own 6 Digit conference codes

In Call Options


#6 = Mute
Mute and un-mute handset.

#1 = Head Count
Number of people on the call.

#2 = Roll Call
Plays names of people on the conference call.

#3 = Lock/Unlock
Locks and unlocks call.

Step 1 – Tell your fellow conference call participants what they need to know (we suggest an email)

To participate in a conference call they need to know:

• What time they should join the call
• The phone number to access the service
• Your Participant PIN

Step 2 – Make the call:

• At the agreed start time dial the con4ence Now Number
• You will be asked for your PIN and then your name
• If you are the first person to arrive on the conference call, you will hear music. As others arrive on the call, you will hear them being announced. When there are at least two people on the call you are ready to start talking!

Step 3 – End your conference

When you have finished your conference call, simply hang up. As each person hangs up, you will hear their name announced. When the last person hangs up, the conference call ends.

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